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scholé learning begins in wonder and leads to wisdom


deep, permanent learning


pursuing restful, classical education…together


bringing education to life


leading students in learning that lasts

Who we are . . .

As a Scholé Group, we are a homeschooling community that employs the content of a classical curriculum and the pedagogy of restful learning embodied by the word scholé. The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word that means “restful learning,” with the connotation of “contemplation,” “conversation,” and “reflection.”  Our mission is to pursue deep engagement that results in enjoyable, permanent learning—that is, to bring scholé to our homeschool co-op.

Our Children

why we do what we do

Our Tutors

guiding our students to wisdom and mastery

Judith Ronson

Scholé Group Director

Judith manages and administers our Scholé Group, and she also teach our upper-school mathematics courses.

Lisa Riley

Latin Tutor

Lisa has been teaching Latin for seven years and enjoys teaching our Grammar School students Latin.

Wendy Livingston

Humanities Tutor

Wendy has a masters degree in English and enjoys leading our Upper School humanities course.

Jennifer Mitchell

Science Tutor

Jennifer loves the outdoors and loves teaching our upper school science classes.

Recent Blog Posts

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Mathematics as a Liberal Art

  I was recently reading The Liberal Arts Tradition by Ravi Jain and Kevin Clark (20% off with our Scholé Group discount to Classical Academic Press!), and I'm intrigued by the idea of mathematics as a liberal art. Read my reflections below...

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Classical Reader

We just discovered a wonderful resource for finding reading books for K-12 students! Browse over 800 titles in the blink of an eye. You can sort the entire collection by grade, level, genre, author, or notation. Or, if you have a specific...

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Our First Week!

We've decided to blog our way through our first year as a Scholé Group. Read about our first week below!

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Scholé Groups Network

Our community is part of the Scholé Groups network,
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ClassicalU offers self-paced training courses to equip teachers
and administrators in the classical tradition.